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College Facilities

KIIT College of Education is located in serene, tranquil and pollution free environment at Bhondsi, Gurgaon (Haryana) and is on the main road leading to Sohna.

College BuildingKIIT Campus

The Institute has its own spacious building and campus located on State Highway (Gurgaon-Sohna) with excellent approach.

Sports complex with Volley Ball, Basket Ball & Cricket ground being set up. Hostel facility and transport available.


The Classrooms and syndicate rooms have been ergonomically designed for the comfort of the students developed as learning halls to create the right ambiance befitting the study of professional courses


Computer LabComputer Lab

The Computer lab has been designed to suit the requirements of the students at postgraduate level and is equipped with latest softwares.


Computerized Library

Institute has latest books in the spacious and automated computerised library.

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language labLanguage Lab

Communication skills play a pivotal role in the professional career of a teacher.Enriched vocabulary,accurate pronunciation and ease in the use of language not only add to the personality of a teacher but also give him/her a cutting edge over the others in this era of cut throat competition.Hence in order to chisel the linguistic and communication skills of the pupil teachers a language laboratory has been setup in KIIT College of Education.


language labPsychology Resourse Centre

The Psychology Resours Ceentre of the college of Education has a rich collection Tests, Scales, Inventories and Check Lists.Students in general and M.Ed. Students in particular use the available tools and equipment for collecting data on the field.The use of Psychology Resourse Centre goes to enrich the teacher trainees and helps them in arriving at objective and standardized description of behaviour quantified by numerical scores thereby making the teaching-learning process more realistic,educative and effective.


language labScience Education Resourse Centre

The College of Education has a spacious, fully equipped and up-to-date Science Resource Center.It provides the teacher trainees with first hand experience of laboratory experimentation, demonstration and practical skill development to handle with dexterity various tools,equipment and apparatus.the Science Resource Ceentre caters to experimental needs in the areas of physical science and life science.


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